English Saddles

We have options for both hunter and dressage saddles.

 HDR RTF Covered Revilla   $1250.00

HDR RTF Covered Revilla   $1250.00


We have several HDR saddles in stock along with some sale Ovation saddles. The HDR rotate to fit concept has changed the hassle of interchangeable gullet.  The mechanism inside is adjusted by and allen wrench to widen or narrow at wither.  This saddle is available in the covered leather grippy leather to the close contact with a grippy seat.

 HDR 19"Wide  with exchange tree.  $1000.00

HDR 19"Wide  with exchange tree.  $1000.00


For the Dressage enthusiast we have the Carl Hester available to order.   Call for test ride.

For Dressage saddles for those on a budget we have the HDR line.  Check out our sale page for sale on the Ovation Dressage.




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This is the last Ovation Continental Dressage saddle I have.  This is an 18" med tree that measurizees more like a med/wide.  It has a small tear in the leather under your left thigh the size of a dime.  This saddle is very comfy and a deal at $800.00.

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This 19"  HDR Exchange tree has the wide setting in there now.  The ride is a bit stiffer than the Ovation and has the big thigh block for those who wish a longer leg position.  The faded leather is due to light coming in window.  This saddle is on sale for $800.00.

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This is the HDR Luxemborg saddle, one of my favorites.  The covered leather saddle gives great security with is's non slip finish, plus the molded flap surrounds your leg for security and balance.  


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This  HDR RTF (rotate to fit) mechanism to widen tree if needed.  The button on top reveals an opening for an allen wrench to turn.  No more struggling  with forms or inserts.   Seat is grip leather while flap are traditional  leather.  


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HDR "grippy" Event saddle with soft flocking to accomodate  a wide variety of backs.  A brushed leather finish provides a secure ride while allowing for positioning over jump,  



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