Western Saddles

We deal with Crates mainly due to the versatility of trees offered.

We also deal Fabtron, Silver Royal and the Tough One economy saddle.



Our 4521 Ladies Reiner is our best seller. Lightweight and comfortable this saddle works with  different shaped  horses with the generous flair and slight swoop to bars. 15.5 natural in stock.


Reiner 261 17"

Reiner 261 17"

Tough One Barrel $ 800.00

Tough One Barrel $ 800.00

Pleasure and trail

We most often use the Crates 260 and 261 for our customers who want a great fit and affordable pricing. Shown here is the 17” 260.

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15” Crates Arabian

Comfortable Arab trail saddle with close contact cutout. Gel layer to set for extra comfort. Call for pricing.

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Crates 260 used

15.5 used 260. FQHB reining tree. $800.00